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Jennifer L. Whitfield

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition Specialist


I specialize  in one on one personal training, but can accommodate duos as well.  My 30 minute HIIT sessions are challenging, The science behind what they do to the body is amazing.  Two 30 minute sessions per week complimented by a personalized nutrition plan, and you will see results.

Nutrition Counseling

Up to 80% of the results you will see will be the direct result of  my personalized nutrition recommendations based on your personal likes and dislikes in the areas of food.  Continued results will  require permanent changes in the way you look at food, and meal preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-  What is your program like?  

A- A unique, custom tailored combination of strength, stability, flexibility, cardio and nutrition programming designed to meet your specific fitness goals achieved with 30 minute sessions up to 3 times per week.  


Q- How much does it cost to train with you?

A- $60/hour (training twice a week for 30 minutes per session averages $220/month)

Q- Can you teach me how to eat right?

A- If you elect to combine fitness training with nutrition (the fast track approach,) I would require a 72 hour food journal.  I would rely on you to use the honor system and list everything you ingest for 3 consecutive days.  This list would include water, black coffee (anything caloric or non caloric) you've consumed in that time.  You would bring this journal to our initial nutrition session where we will review it together.  We'll measure circumferences and body fat percentage and clearly establish your goals at this time and take "before" pics if you like.  Our initial nutrition session is the only session that lasts an hour.

Q- How long will it take me to see progress?  

A- Most of my clients  experience significant progress within the first 6 weeks (especially when fitness and nutrition are combined.)

Q- Can I train with a partner?

A- Yes!  I train couples and friends.  Instead of the cost of training times 2, duo training is only $80/hour

Q- Do you accept credit cards?

A- I accept cash, check and Paypal

Q- What if I've never used gym equipment?

A- I'll take you through all the gym equipment until you can confidently train throughout the gym independently.

Q- Can you train me if I have previous surgeries/injuries?

A-  When we begin your training, you'll provide me with a release letter from your physician detailing your restricitons and capabilities.  We will safely achieve your fitness goals.

Q- Can you make a meal plan for me?

A- I'm not a registered dietician, but legally I can suggest a food plan that will maximaize your health and fitness progress.

Q- Will you come to my home and train me?

A- In-home training/nutrition counseling is $100/hour plus mileage.

Q- Where do you train?

A- I primarily train at Anytime Fitness at 1605 Hwy 11, Picayune, MS

My hours are as follows:

6am-6:30am Mon-Fri

10:30am-12pm Mon-Fri

5pm-7pm Mon, Tues, Fri

6pm-7:30pm Wed


Jennifer Whitfield  CPT FNS


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When I first started trying to get my health and fitness levels back on track I was concerned that I had let myself go too far to see strong results.  Jen not only helped me achieve my goals, she helped me shoot well over my own expectations.  Her expert knowledge and self motivation inspired me to push myself much more than I could have done on my own.  My workouts with her were constantly evolving and growing as my endurance and strength grew.  No two workouts were the same and I felt like they were tailored to fit my goals.

--Christy J.  age 43

Jennifer is one high-energy trainer that makes your workout engaging and fun.  With Jennifer you not only get her extensive knowledge of exercise and lifting techniques;  Jennifer has studied nutrition extensively.  She will undoubtedly author her own book on nutrition for modern living soon.  She always says "Abs are made in the kitchen," and that has certainly proved true for me.  If you want an expert to help you unlock your full potential and achieve your desired fitness and health goals, Jennifer is, in my opinion, the best trainer around.

-- Robert  age 47 

Working out with Jennifer has been so much more than I had expected.  I am physically doing things I would never do without her, and feeling stronger.  She is an energetic ball of fire full of empowering encouragement that helps me make it through the most grueling workouts.  I also love that no two sessions are the same, no getting bored here!  I recommend Jennifer for any training level.  My husband talked me into going to a trainer as I was recovering from a lengthy illness and needed to build up my endurance.  I now see myself getting in better shape than pre illness!  I'm so excited and grateful to Jennifer. 

--Jessie  (age 43)

I recently started my 2nd round of training with Jennifer.  The first time I trained with her I had very good results.  She is awesome at what she does.  She is very knowledgeable, and encouraging.  If you train with her and follow her suggestions for your nutrition, you WILL see results. 

--Betty Jo  (age 52)

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